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Summit HDTV remote control and lighting store

Universal Remote Control Inc. and Lutron lighting

Imagine sitting down to watch your favorite flick.  You get comfortable, grab the remote control and push the button that reads 'Watch DVD'.  Now all of the following events happens before your eyes:

The DVD player turns on
The surround processor turns on
The television turns on
The DVD player tray opens
The lights dim to the preset movie level (when used with compatible Lutron dimmer controls)

That's how an activity based programmable remote control works.  Want to watch cable or satellite instead?  Then press the appropriate button.  The system becomes a part of your life.  Nice.  Simple.  Easy.  No fuss.

Let Summit HDTV coordinate installation of the Lutron lighting controls and universal remote programming.  The Lutron modules will be installed by a qualified electrician and then the job will be followed up by the application programmer.  When finished your system will work for you!

Please contact Summit HDTV if interested in Universal Remote Control Inc remote control products including the MX-450, MX-850, MX-880, MX-900, MX-980, MX-5000, MX-300, MX-6000 and others including iPod or Lutron lighting solutions, or interested in universal remote programming service.  Universal Remote Control programming is only available for consumers in Southeast Michigan, Detroit or Toledo areas and is extra.  All prices below do not include Universal Remote Control application and system programming.

To request a quote on Universal Remote Control remote products not listed below please send Summit HDTV an email by pressing here.

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