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My Website's History



My Website; A History

     At first, my website's title was Nickel5x1 (hence my site's http address- 'Nickel5x1'!). My website last had this title so long ago that no content remains from Nickel5x1.
     Then, my website name was changes to Nickel5x1's Den of the Ugly Pikachu. The Ugly Pikachu soon became my website's mascot.
      This was my mascot:

       Which was later changed to this:
Of course, The Ugly Pikachu had to be mascot of something! Click Here to find out what.

Then, the beginning of a new beginning began in the beginning. In other words, the beginning of a beginning began. Or you could say that this was the beginning of a new beginning. This was the beginning... of the Shadowmew! Yes, the name of my website was Shadowmew Productions with Shadowmew as it's mascot.
     The First Mascot

      The Second Mascot

And, for the first time ever, I actually included information about the mascot (Shadowmew). Click Here to view that page.

Finally, the choice is yours. What will happen? Should I Bring Back the old Nickel5x1? Nickel5x1's Den of the Ugly Pikachu? Shadowmew Productions? Or should I keep my Hack Detectives? Vote!   



The Choice... is Yours

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Da Shadowmew!!!!
note: Shadowmew the Pokemon is not related to the Pokemon company, Nintendo, or any other companies or workers associated to Pokemon. Shadowmew does not reflect on the views or opinions expressed by Nintendo, the Pokemon company, or any of its officiates. Shadowmew is completely imaginary, not authorized by Nintendo and therefore FAKE. Any problems or issues related to nintendo have no affected and have no relation to Shadowmew. any events including Shadowmew are fictitious.
Shadowmew: Why and How
We've all seen Mewtwo Strikes Back, right? Well, there's one part not shown in the movie. Before I explain, there's something you should know. Mewtwo is a clone from Mew so Mewtwo only has some of Mew's traits, right? Well, this is the story of Shadowmew. (in the movie) Mewtwo and Mew are fighting. (not in the movie) While they are fighting, Mewtwo's eyelash falls into a cloning vat. In goes the eyelash, out goes the... Shadowmew!!! It's a clone... of a clone!!! Cool!!! Or is it... Shadowmew, being a clone of a clone of Mew, only has a few of Mew's original traits.
Shadowmew: Attacks and Abilities
Mew's type is Psychic. Shadowmew's is Ghost and Dark.
Shadowmew's fake ability: SHADOWPASS-the attack Dark Pulse does additional damage each turn.
attacks- (pp=power points, p=power, a=accuracy, [f]=fake move)
lvl 1:      Dark Pulse, pp-15 p-80 a-100 [dark]
             Shadow Punch, pp-20 p-60 a-(always hits) [ghost]
             [f]Shadow Drain, pp-5 p-(always kills) a-35 [ghost]
lvl 15:    Sludge Bomb, pp-10 p-90 a-100 [poison]
lvl 20:   Shadow Ball, pp-20 p-80 a-100 [ghost]
lvl 50:   [f]Dark Poison, pp-20 p-(faints all pokemon) a-(always hits) [poison]
lvl 70:   Toxic, pp-10 p-badly poisons a-100 [poison]
lvl 90:   Psychic, pp-10 p-90 a-100 [psychic]
lvl 100:  [f]Special Thought, this move allows the user to learn any move. This move can't be forgotten. [dark]
Shadowmew: the looks
These are my images of Shadowmew.



My Website Now

Obviously, this is NOT So where did all of that go? Well, I was just getting frustrated with ol' Freewebs, and I broke off, worked with my dad's website, and presto! It's the New Shadowmew Productions!


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