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ISF calibration FAQ (frequently asked questions)

Does Summit HDTV setup or calibrate A/V equipment other than HDTV displays?
Yes, Summit HDTV is a resource for Anthem A/V products such as AVM 50v or D2v setup, and Lumagen video processors such as HDP/HDQ Series and Radiance.  Summit HDTV can adjust, setup and update factory firmware for these fine products.
Have Summit HDTV personnel attended Imaging Science Foundation (ISF) Training and passed
the subsequent test?
What are the expected results from this service?
Your display will produce images as they were meant to be seen.  In most cases there will be no
"blooming" effect on any color.  Flesh tones will look more natural.  Faces won't look sunburned. 
Colors look realistic: especially those colors which are a mixture of red, blue and green. 
 Take for instance white, chrome, gold, silver, and brown - they all look better post calibration.
You will see colors in everyday programming that you've never seen before.
Should my display be re-calibrated at a later date?
Yes, it should.  Consider an 18 month "touch up" after the initial calibration.
Will my CRT based display last longer if it's calibrated?
No.  The CRT has a half-life associated with it, and the calibration doesn't effect it either positive or
negative.  However, the viewing you see will be better quality while you own the set.
Does this procedure void my display warranty?
Manufacturers typically overlook those displays that were professionally grayscale calibrated by 
qualified individual and honor their warranty.
Correcting grayscale errors doesn't lead to any particular failure because grayscale was corrected. 
In most cases any service technician won't know the grayscale was calibrated. Any non-factory
procedure can void the warranty.
Does Summit HDTV repair displays?
No, however Summit HDTV has successfully replaced the convergence ICs in Mitsubishi and Hitachi CRT rear projector televisions.
How long does the calibration take?
It depends.  Budget four+ hours time for a typical calibration.  A CRT RPTV might take upwards of five
hours.  A plasma screen might take three hours.  It just depends.
How long should I wait to calibrate my new display?
After about 100 hours of normal viewing.  Make sure the set has been turned on/off many times during the break-in period.  In other words, do not just leave the set on for 100 hours and consider it properly
broken in.  The set needs to go through heat up and cool down cycles as part of the break in period.
What information should I have when I contact Summit HDTV?
    - Make and model number of the set.
    - Repair history.
    - Inputs, scan rates and type of signal (if known).  An example would be DVD player (component,
      480p) and Hi Def tuner (DVI, 1080i).
    - Advise if a black and white programming calibration is desired in addition to color programming.
    - Advise how many inputs should be calibrated.
Why does a calibrator ask me what input I want the set calibrated to?
Because in most cases a basic calibration includes only one particular input set up to its optimal
configuration.  So, you'll need to typically choose Hi Def or DVD as the "primary" calibration source.
Can my set have more than one calibrated source/input?  Why is it important?
In most cases yes, you can have more than one source calibrated for the set.  It's important because
there are differences between sources (or inputs, or scan rates, depending on the set).  In most cases,
there's a difference between black level on different inputs.  This difference may make the primary
input have a nice, deep black level, and the secondary input to look more "washed out".  That
difference, plus others may be accounted for and calibrated out.  So, the set looks best no matter what
input is being used.
Does Summit HDTV charge extra for more than one input calibrated?
Yes, see the services section for more information.
Summit HDTV is coming to my house and calibrate my set.  How should I prepare?
    - Have the set on full screen and normal programming one hour prior to the appointment time.
    - Remove any valuables from the area, as I may need to get to the back of the set for connections, etc..
    - Have a roll of aluminum foil available (valuable to block light from windows!)
    - Keep pets and children at bay.  I love them both, but the wrong push of the remote button or fall on
       the computer keyboard could be a problem!
    - Prepare the room for darkness.  This is especially critical for front projector calibrations.
    - The set may need to be moved forward away from the wall.  Please have space available.
What if Summit HDTV never calibrated a set like mine?
Then I'll research your set and advise.  In many cases I'll research the set before setting up an
appointment.  Research includes obtaining a service manual and viewing ISF and other
technical sources.  I like to be prepared!
When are appointments scheduled?
Evenings and weekends.
Why is Summit HDTV a dealer for Lumagen products?
Because Lumagen processors compliment and even extend calibration capabilities.