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Summit HDTV is pleased to announce we are a factory authorized custom dealer for Anthem products in southeast Michigan!  We are pleased to offer in-home consultation and after the sale setup assistance.

Anthem/Sonic Frontiers International products are made to exacting standards to produce sonic excellence.  Just ask France's national radio station or NASA.  Both of these entities use Sonic Frontiers products.  Do you want to own equipment made by a company that cares about audio excellence?  You can!

Anthem AVM 50v photograph


The Anthem AVM series is a fine and upgradeable product!  Why upgradeable?  Well because needs and technology change.  Why should you be stuck with an outdated audio or video component?  Why not recycle, reuse and upgrade?  Why not save money in the process?  Why not purchase a product once and allow that product to grow with you, not the other way around.

The Anthem AVM50/50v do support Anthem Room Correction (ARC) technology.  ARC is an audio tuning technology that removes room colorations from the audio output.  This is a brilliant technology and well worth the price of admission for a product such as this.


Anthem D2v photographWant to start out higher end perhaps?  You should put the Anthem Statement D2 on your short list for sonic excellence!  I owned an Anthem Statement product long before I became a local dealer.  Owning this product allows you to appreciate digital audio that, well, sounds analog.  In considering the D2 or D2v, consider your video needs.  The D2v adds excellent video processing and scaling along with upgraded audio performance.  Its dual processor technology allows it to perform complex audio computations like sampling and surround sound with ease!




Allow Summit HDTV to assist with setting up and commissioning your new Anthem product, even if you didn't purchase it from us.  Just let us know and we'll quote this service to you.  For a richer home theater experience let us add ISF calibration and include your Anthem product in the calibration!

Here's a comparison chart for your consideration

Anthem AVM 50 50v D2v compared.pdf


D2v data sheet                     AVM 50v data sheet

P Series data sheet            A Series data sheet

BLX 200 data sheet