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Summit HDTV signs on as a factory authorized dealer for Goertz Audio!

In June, 2010 Summit HDTV agrees to become a factory authorized dealer for Goertz Audio, a high end manufacturer of speaker cable and audio interconnects.  Our first installation was pairing Micro-Purl Silver analog audio interconnects to an Oppo BDP-83SE Special Edition Blu-ray player and an Anthem AVM 50v pre/pro.  The customer upgraded from Monster brand cables.  Wow was the customer pleased!  Great sound.

Summit HDTV signs on as a factory authorized custom dealer for Anthem and Paradigm!

In March 2010 Summit HDTV agrees to become a dealer for Anthem and Paradigm in southeast Michigan.  Anthem and Paradigm represent two fine manufacturers of home theater electronics and speakers.  We look forward to assisting customers with equipment upgrade plans and installations.


Summit HDTV signs on as a reseller of Universal Remote Control products.

In February 2010 Summit HDTV agrees to become a reseller of Universal Remote Control Inc products.  We can program your remote for your system!\


The first calibration and setup of an Anthem AVM 50v receiver completed!

In December 2009 a customer with fine A/V equipment such as Pioneer Elite Kuro plasma, Pioneer BR player and Oppo BR player contacted Summit HDTV for calibration assistance.  In addition to calibration assistance the customer commented he was was having some video stuttering and judder problems.  He'd had other technicians work on the equipment, but things were not quite right yet.  Along with the calibration of the customer Pioneer Kuro plasma display, Summit HDTV properly setup the Anthem A/V processor and BR players.  Now the customer  enjoys stutter free video and full 1080p/24 operation!  The Anthem AVM 50v is a great product worthy of high praise.  If Summit HDTV can be of assistance setting up an Anthem  (or Anthem D2v) A/V processor in the Detroit, Michigan or Southeast Michigan area please let us know!


Eye One Pro spectroradiometer recertified by X-Rite

In June 2009 Summit HDTV sent in the fabulous Eye One Pro spectral analyzer for factory recertification of the calibration.  Take care of your tools and they'll take care of you!  The sensor calibration is good until June 2010, when another calibration recertification is due.


"It's all about the House" radio appearance!

On Sunday, May 31, 2009 Summit HDTV was live in studio at WDTK 1400 AM discussing HDTV, the June 12, 2009 DTV transition and taking live listener calls.  Summit HDTV thanks Mr. Terry Burke of Northwest Construction for the invitation to appear on his show!  A great time was had by all.


ControlCAL enabled!

Summit HDTV purchased ControlCAL Pioneer 8G/9G ISFccc PC software in January 2009